Hydrology and Water Resources  Research Group



General Information

We are growing group of water resources, hydrology and river systems students, researchers and faculty developing science and technology to better understand, use and predict water distribution, variability and prospects.

Our research efforts focus on advancing the study of hydrologic and river systems across a wide range of spatio-temporal scales and regions. We particularly concentrate on the study of hydro-systems under natural variability and anthropogenic change that face new challenges for society's water security and extreme events prevention and forecasting.

Our study topics span from atmospheric science, surface water and groundwater hydrology through complementary sciences like hydrometeorology, hydroclimatology, ecohydrology,  surface hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, river hydraulics and sediment transport, hydroinformatics, hydrologic modeling, groundwater resources and well hydraulics.

We use tools that combine field observations from the atmosphere, surface and underground, with remotely sensed information from satellites, radars and unmanned systems, and high performance, distributed hydrological and river computational modeling to develop platforms for decision making under uncertainty. Please take a look at our research section for a more detailed description of current projects and group members.

Contact Information

Hernan A. Moreno
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability
100 East Boyd St. SEC Suite 662
Norman,OK 73019
Phone: +1 (480) 399-0571
E-mail: moreno@ou.edu